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Outdoor Forums was set up in February 2010 to own and commercialise specialist outdoor activity web properties.

Outdoor Forums currently owns the following domains:


The advertising proposition

Our central philosophy is that banner advertising needs to have concentrated exposure to attract attention and justify the advertiser's investment. Our sites only serve one banner at one time in an uncluttered central location.

Additionally we believe that the main advantage of internet advertising is the opportunity for firms to receive instant feedback on their products and brand. We provide - at no additional cost - a forum discussion thread specific to each campaign, in which advertisers can provide extra material and information and answer queries.

Companies that have placed advertising on our sites include:

- 27Crags
- Ape Index
- Arch Climbing Wall
- Awesome Walls
- Boulder Central
- British Mountaineering Council
- CaveClimb
- the Climbing Hangar
- the Climbing Station
- CragX
- the Depot
- Durham Climbing Centre
- Ground Up Productions
- Hallamshire Physiotherapy
- Heason Events
- King Kong Climbing Walls
- Moon
- Podsacs
- Posing Productions
- Rab
- Serious Climbing
- The Send
- Vertebrate Publishing

Our standard rate for a single banner accompanied by a discussion thread is 50.00 per week. Pricing for longer duration campaigns is negotiable.

Please contact us at outdoorforumsmail@gmail.com for further information, including CTR and page view estimates and any other metrics of interest.

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